Our Team

Adult Council

The Board of Directors and the Advisory Council are a group of dedicated professionals who are volunteering their expertise to promote the growth of Quest Teen Leadership. This diverse group of business professionals, mental health advisors and youth organization leaders bring their particular talents to this program in a myriad of ways. Some volunteer during the training week- end, others handle business and fundraising needs, while others are available for consultations.

Teen Council

The Teen Council is a select group of teens that have completed the second level of training (Q2) . This council will provide feedback to the Advisory Council re: training innovations as well as the development of new programs.

In support of the Teen Council, GTC Foundation will award two $1000 college scholarships to 2 members for meritorious contribution.

Trainers and Small Group Leaders

All adult volunteers and employees of GTC Foundation go through an extensive background check and are interviewed by the Board.

Each Quest trainer serves as a facilitator of the interactive training, setting and maintaining the context of the training. Our trainers come from a variety of professional backgrounds, i.e teachers, coaches, corporate professionals, service providers and are required to complete a 6 month certification program.