The "Results of Q"

What starts as 50 individual teens, ends Sunday as a TEAM of leaders who are ready to take on their lives and to make a difference in the world. Teens leave the training with tools that they can apply in their lives and friends that can be lifelong support.

What the teens are saying:

"Being a leader starts with leading my own life and being able to connect with others."
– Matt age 16

"In every situation I have the power to make a choice based on my core values"
– Daniel age 17

"My daughter is more confident and comfortable with herself and more open with her mom and me. I believe Quest! was a pivotal point of her life."
– John, father of a 16 year old

"I learned that listening is more than just hearing the words, but being able to really hear what people are saying "
- Jorel age 16

"It was the first time in my life I felt safe to be myself."
– Melissa age 18

"I learned that every choice I make is from love or fear, so now I consciously choose from Love."
– Laura age 17

"I am so grateful that my son had this opportunity. Quest has made a huge difference in his life."
– Holly, mother of a 15 year old

"I thought it would be boring, but it was the best weekend of my life!"
– Michael age 16

"I recognized how important my family was and that I could choose for us to be closer and now I am creating that in our family. Before Quest I never would have thought to even try."
- Tolu age 17

"It's not like any other training I've ever attended. I think every teenager should have the chance to go."
– Brittany age 17