"The most important job of a Leader is to create Leaders."
- Bill Gates

FAQ - Quest Needs Your Support

Why is this organization a non-profit?

The costs associated with a training, in addition to the administrative support necessary to perpetuate and expand the program, would result in a cost per student that would be prohibitive for many families. It is our intention and expressed desire that all teens from every socio-economic background have the opportunity to attend and benefit from the skill that are taught in the training.

Who are the teens in the program?

The teens represent a cross-section of leaders from area high schools, churches, The Boys and Girls Club, teens from foster homes, Big Brothers and Sisters and other youth organizations.

What percentage of teens from each training will receive scholarships?

75% of all classes will be scholarship students. These will be awarded based on need and merit.

With so many organizations requesting funds ie. Hunger, child abuse, homeless… why would I choose to give to Quest?

Being a teenager is one of life's greatest challenges and the stakes are high. It is our vision that by supporting these teens today, we will be supporting the future adults who will make a difference in the realm of hunger, poverty, homelessness, peace, etc. To that end, Quest’s unique approach and curriculum:

  • Provide an opportunity to enhance Emotional Intelligence, which will allow healthier relationships with their families, future families, employers or employees.

  • Emphasize that each of us is here to make a difference; that the highest goal in life is contribution.

Imagine a world in which people took responsibility for their actions, looked for ways to make a difference and approached all situations so that a 'win-win' outcome resulted.