"In the beginning I had my mind made up that my life was fine. I didn't want to spend a weekend with kids I didn't know…and then a few hours in you think hey this isn't so bad…before you know it the people in this room have become your best friends, closer than some friends you have had since you were 5 and in the span of a 2 days. I know it sounds preposterous, but it's true. You learn skills that adults are envious of and when it's all said and done you are becoming a different person. It's more than life changing…it's more than awesome…it's incredible. There are no words…other than the ones I have said…to get across that this program is vital to the growth of every teenager. You just can't describe it …just go."
- Trevor 16
Graduate of Q1 and Teen Staffer

Teen Questions & Quest Graduate Answers

I’ve been to leadership conferences – what’s so special about this one?

This is not like any conference you have ever been to…I promise. Although it is called a leadership conference it isn’t about how to lead others, it is more about leading your own life, about discovering things about yourself.

Why would I give up a whole weekend – 12 hours on a Saturday?

The reason this day is so long is there is so much to cover. After a while, you won’t want to leave. You get a chance to meet all kinds of kids from all over the country. It’s very different from being in a class at school. You will do things in those 12 hours that give you a chance to really get to know the other participants. I know it may sound weird, but you may feel closer to these kids in one weekend than you do to friends you have known for years.

What if I think my life is already great – why would I want to go to Quest?

A lot of the teens at Quest have awesome lives, but you can always learn something that would make your life better. If there is something in your life that you don’t have, but really want – like better grades, a better relationship with your parents, a girl/boyfriend, the ability to walk into a party where you don’t know anyone and have a blast – there is a way to have it. If you want something and don’t have it, it’s because you don’t know HOW to get it, or it is out of your comfort zone. Well, there is a way to get past all that stuff. We learn things in Quest that challenge us to practice how to set goals to get the things we want with games or skits or just talking to each other in small groups.

You’re telling me that in a weekend I can learn things like that?

Yeah, and have fun at the same time. I remember when we first went in the training and they asked us to come into the room with no judgment, you know like looking at everybody and thinking, ‘he’s got on weird shoes’ or ‘she looks really snobby, I would never sit next to her,’ stuff like that. Well then the trainer asked us to notice how it is almost impossible not to judge because that’s what we’ve been doing all our lives. But you know what is really cool – after a while you don’t judge and you start to notice how much we are all alike. And that’s one reason you won’t want to leave. Because how many times in your life can you be in a room with 50 other teens and feel that everyone really cares about you and likes you just the way you are.

So let’s say I go and have a great weekend, then what?

That’s the cool part. Q1 is only the beginning. There are other trainings where you can learn more things that will help you, especially when you start planning for college. There are also ways for us, the grads to stay connected with projects and get togethers, and the best part is that you can come back and be a teen staffer or teen guide for future trainings.

Look, it’s only one weekend of your life. What if it ends up being the best weekend of your life – give it a chance, what do you have to lose?